Members of the steering committee

According to the rules, the Steering Committee exists of the Chairperson, two recent predecessors of the Twelve Plus Chairsperson, members of the Executive Committee and members on invitation:


Ms. Arda Gerkes, Netherlands - Chairperson


Mr. Duarte Pacheco, Portugal - Former 12 Plus President 2017-2020

Mr. David McGuinty, Canada - Executive Committee

Mr Mladen Grujic, Serbia  – Executive Committee 

Ms Cecília Widegren, Sweden –
Executive Committee
Fehlmann Ms Fehlmann, Switzerland – Executive Committee 

Members on invitation

According to the Rules of Procedure:

8. The Chairperson of the Twelve Plus Group shall be supported in his work by a Steering Committee which shall advise him and promote the fulfilment of his tasks. This Steering Committee, which shall be chaired by the Chairperson of the Twelve Plus Group, shall consist of the following members:

– the two most recent predecessors of the current Twelve Plus Chairperson (as long as they are members of their national IPU delegation);

– members of the Twelve Plus Group serving on the Executive Committee of the IPU;

– further members, invited by the Chairperson on account of regional aspects or of particular abilities, who could benefit the activities of the Twelve Plus Group as a whole.